2018… 75% loaded

I have no idea where September went, but somehow it’s the first week of October, and that means the year is three-quarters over. Because I am a to-do list-making, bujo-obsessive, I’m already taking stock of the year. I can barely handle to even think of current affairs at the moment, but I am glad to look back and forward at my own year. Here’s a brief list of things I’ve done:

  • Turned 27
  • Went for my first overnight hike
  • Went for a four-day hike
  • Joined a gym
  • Ran two half-marathons
  • Including one in sub-2 hours*
  • Went on several road trips
  • Hiked the Tongariro crossing
  • Visited Hobbiton
  • And the glowworm caves in Waitomo
  • And Christchurch
  • And Arthur’s Pass
  • And Castle Hill
  • And Abel Tasman
  • And Lake Taupo
  • And Cape Palliser
  • And…
  • Planned my family’s upcoming visit **
  • And our upcoming Milford Track hike
  • Wrote 30 blog posts ***
  • Read 40 books ****
  • Organised meetups for GLT and reddit
  • Made heaps of new friends
  • Spent time with old friends
  • Celebrated four years with Steve
  • Practiced yoga
  • Tried (and loved) kirtan
  • Started writing a novel
  • Took thousands of pictures
  • And shot mainly in manual
  • Including some astrophotography
  • Took a jewelry-making class

* 1:56:42!
** two weeks to go!
*** including this one
**** and counting

Not so brief, actually. Then here are some plans I have for the rest of the year

  • Hike the Milford Track
  • Hike Roys peak
  • Walk the Hooker Valley track
  • Walk the Rob Roy glacier track
  • Visit Queenstown
  • And the Coromandel
  • And Waiheke *
  • And Wanaka
  • And Twizel
  • And Lake Tekapo
  • Enjoy time with my family
  • Celebrate Steve’s 30th birthday
  • And plan a trip for next year to celebrate it more
  • Read 7 books by women**
  • Write a few more blog posts
  • Keep working on my novel
  • Pay taxes ***
  • Finish my last ring from jewelry class
  • Host a GLT hike
  • Spend time with friends in New Zealand before I leave
  • Apply for my Australia working holiday visa
  • Sell most of the stuff in our apartment
  • And move out of Wellington
  • And move to Australia
  • And then… Australia things?

* again
** I’m 10 books away from my goal of 50, and I want at least 60% of them to be by female authors
*** not everything on the list is fun

It’s still too early in the year to start coming up with hopes and goals for 2019, but it’s nice to look back on things I accomplished and forward to things I still want to do and see before 31 December. It has clearly been an eventful year already, and that’s obviously going to continue. Plus, Steve and I have already started talking about future plans for next year and even the year after that. While it’s too soon to really get into those, there’s a lot on the horizon and I can’t wait.


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