Soundtrack for a Strong Start

New year, new me, same old podcast addiction. The medium is producing stronger work than ever, with countless topics, and I love them all. I have at least 60 podcasts on my subscription list—although, in fairness, they don’t all run continuously and I don’t listen to every episode of every show. Anyway, I’ve given plenty of recommendations for podcasts in the past, but the start of the new year seems like the perfect time for a few more. Here are some great listens full of learning and growth to spark your curiosity and inspire your fresh starts.

Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 10.07.03 PM

In Progress (host: Noor Tagouri)

Full of self-love and inspiration, this 10-episode podcast is hosted by the excellent Noor Tagouri and features a number of female entrepreneurs and creatives. Although it’s relatable for anyone, it particularly focuses on issues that women deal with in their careers like imposter syndrome and healthy boundaries, and it offers anecdotes and advice as well as actionable steps for setting intentions and taking your professional or personal life in a new direction.

Getting Curious (host: Jonathan Van Ness)

If you fell in love with Jonathan Van Ness as one-fifth of the Fab Five in Netflix’s fantastically heartwarming Queer Eye reboot, then Getting Curious is a must-listen. Each episode delves into a different current event topic that JVN discusses with an expert in the field. As the title states, each topic is something about which JVN is curious, and he asks a mix of basic and more in-depth questions with plenty of sincerity and humour to educate and entertain.

Deep Dive (host: Dana Falsetti)

I’ve written several times about how much I like yoga teacher and speaker Dana Falsetti, and I’m enjoying her Deep Dive podcast as much as her other work. Dana and an array of equally strong and confident female guests speak openly and honestly about body image, intimacy, politics, and personal growth. The podcast is not only inspiring, but also challenges listeners to consider their own perspectives and privileges.

Strong Opinions Loosely Held (host: Elisa Kreisinger)

Every season of SOLH is great, but the recent five-part exploration of female athletes is particularly excellent. With topics including the unequal pay and success gap between the women’s and men’s national soccer team, the intense expectations and sexist undertones of high-pressure sports like ballet and gymnastic, and more, this season only came out a couple of weeks ago but was still a contender for my favourite podcast of 2018.


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