Ovaries before Brovaries: The Awesome Ladies of Parks and Recreation

Tonight is the season finale of an epic season of one of my favourite television shows, Parks and Recreation. I’ve heard that they’ve filmed two versions of the ending: one where Amy Poehler’s smart, perky go-getter Leslie Knope wins the election to city council, and one where she doesn’t. However, whatever happens, one thing is certain: Parks and Recreation has a collection of some of the best female characters on television.

I originally wrote this essay for my Science and Philosophy of Sex and Love class last semester, and I’ve updated it for this blog according to recent events on the show, and recent developments in Leslie Knope’s overwhelming awesomeness. Parks and Recreation airs tonight on NBC; check it out.

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The Artist (2011): 5/5 stars

So far on this blog, I’ve written reviews for two excellent works. One day I’ll write a scathing review of some mediocre piece of media, but today is not that day. I could look for something negative to say about The Artist, but given that I’m having trouble wiping the smile off my face from just thinking about it, I’m afraid I might find that difficult.

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