“Ich bin ein Berliner”*

Alexanderplatz had some great outdoor markets

* Apparently, this does NOT actually mean “I am a jelly donut,” despite the urban legend that JFK messed up his grammar and compared himself to a pastry.

When most people think of spring break, they think of warm weather and sun, beaches and bathing suits. However, living in the south of Spain, where the temperature is almost always at least 20 degrees Celsius, we get plenty of warmth and sun. And beaches aren’t really my thing, at least not for an entire week, so when I was thinking about what to do during Semana Santa, there was no place to go but up. Up north, that is. Last Friday, my friend Stephanie and I flew to from Sevilla to Barcelona to Germany to begin our spring break trip in Berlin. If we were looking for a contrast to Sevilla’s warm and sunny weather, we found it; the weather in Berlin was cold and rainy two out of the three days we were there, and there was even some thunder and hail! But that didn’t stop us. We met up with Steph’s roommate from her university back home (she’s studying in Paris) and we were on our way.

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Fantastic Fictional Females (via CampusCalm)

I am currently blogging on several sites in addition to this personal blog. One of them, CampusCalm, is a webite promoting women’s leadership and empowerment. I may be posting links to articles I post on that site’s blog from time to time. 

Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss in The Hunger Games

One of the (admittedly few) downsides to living in Spain is the fact that, although there are plenty of theatres here that show American films, they are usually dubbed rather than subtitled. Since I can’t stand dubbed films (I hate when the actors’ mouths don’t match up with what they are saying!) this means I am going to have to miss out on a film I have been waiting for for a long time: The Hunger Games. Katniss Everdeen is one of my favourite female characters to come out of Young Adult fiction recently. In honour of the film’s release (and because it’s always nice to kick back with some light reading), here are five of my favourite awesome fictional ladies from YA books:

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