“Nobody will know we made a mistake as long as none of you blog”

Colbert and his "somprayero"

Colbert and his "somprayero"

Yesterday I went into New York City to see The Colbert Report, my second time attending a live taping of the show (I’ve also seen The Daily Show twice). While it wasn’t as bitterly cold as it was when I went last January, it still wasn’t particularly pleasant to wait outside in line for almost an hour and a half. But the cold and the lines and the crowded waiting room are totally worth it once you get inside the studio.

The highlight of going to a taping is what comes before the actual show—after a stand-up comedian warms the crowd up, Stephen Colbert comes out to do an (out of character!) Q&A session. A lot of the questions are stupid, as they were last night (someone asked if there would ever be a Strangers with Candy film, to which Colbert joked “We clearly have a super fan up front here,” and someone else went on a long ramble about his mother once appearing in a segment on The Daily Show), but when they’re good, they’re great.

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