Books for the sun: summer reading list

I’ve been in Australia for a week, we’re five days into summer (here in Oz, like in NZ, the seasons are determined by the start of the month rather than the solstice), and I’m already not sure I can handle the heat. This was the thing I was most worried about moving to Australia, even if we’re in the relatively-more-temperate Melbourne rather than roasting Sydney or melting Brisbane. Tomorrow’s high is 34C/94F, and Friday it could hit a massive 38C/100F. And it’s only the first week of summer. Send ice.

When it’s that hot, many people love to go to the beach or lounge in the sun, but all I want to do is hide inside with a good book. At the start of winter I wrote about some of the long, dense reads I wanted to get through on the long, cold nights, but for summer heat there’s a reason light page-turners are the ideal. Here’s my to-read list for looking ahead to the days when it’s too hot to think:

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Fantastic Fictional Females (via CampusCalm)

I am currently blogging on several sites in addition to this personal blog. One of them, CampusCalm, is a webite promoting women’s leadership and empowerment. I may be posting links to articles I post on that site’s blog from time to time. 

Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss in The Hunger Games

One of the (admittedly few) downsides to living in Spain is the fact that, although there are plenty of theatres here that show American films, they are usually dubbed rather than subtitled. Since I can’t stand dubbed films (I hate when the actors’ mouths don’t match up with what they are saying!) this means I am going to have to miss out on a film I have been waiting for for a long time: The Hunger Games. Katniss Everdeen is one of my favourite female characters to come out of Young Adult fiction recently. In honour of the film’s release (and because it’s always nice to kick back with some light reading), here are five of my favourite awesome fictional ladies from YA books:

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