Where in the world are we?

Hi blog, long time no talk. You’re probably wondering why I’ve seemingly abandoned you since November. Well, typing posts on a phone isn’t my favourite, but my laptop is sitting in storage somewhere in Killarney, after my former housemate kindly shuttled it back to Ireland for me.

Meanwhile, I’ve been busy. Apart from some bus rides here and there, I haven’t exactly had a ton of time to sit down and compose posts. You see, since our working holiday visas in Australia finished at the end of November, we’ve been on the move.

New Zealand, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand… by the end of this week we’ll be in Laos. It started as an idea for a few weeks back in New Zealand to do some more hiking followed by a trip to Vietnam to visit our friends (and meet their new daughter!), finishing with a visit home to Philly before we move back to Ireland. It became a sprawling five-month journey of which we are only halfway through.

We’ve hiked up mountains, learned to scuba, and tried out rock climbing. We’ve seen turtles, monkeys, and elephants. We’ve fallen in love with local cuisine and also dealt with the inevitable bout of food poisoning. We’ve met locals and expats and fellow travellers. As I wrote this post, we were on our second day of a journey down the Mekong river from the Thailand-Laos border. As I post this, I’m sitting in a coffee shop in Siem Reap after two incredible days of temple-hopping around the Angkor complex.

I can’t wait to share more about our trip. I’ll be taking it back to the start, from leaving Australia and heading back to New Zealand, but forgive me if I don’t necessarily stick to chronological order. There are some stories I can’t wait to tell. Stay tuned.


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