A whirlwind North Island road trip with the best company I could imagine

What do you do when two of your favourite people fly to the other side of the world to see you? Go to some of the north island’s most amazing sites of course! My bestie Erin and her husband Jason came to visit Steve and me last week, breaking up their Australian holiday with a few whirlwind days in New Zealand. Because they only had two weeks total, their time in NZ was brief—only four full days—but I think we managed to squeeze a whole lot into that quick trip.

They arrived in Wellington late Sunday night and we immediately got down to business with a long-overdue catch-up (and some of our favourite local wine and beer). I hadn’t seen Erin and Jason since the end of last summer, and the four of us hadn’t been in the same place since their gorgeous wedding last May.

Despite staying up until nearly 3am (an especially impressive feat for me since I’d run a half-marathon earlier on), we got up early the next morning—so much to do, so little time! Because Wellington weather is unpredictable, we took advantage of the decent if a bit overcast day and as soon as we picked up the rental car we drove up to the Mount Vic lookout for a view over the harbour.

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Out to Omey Island

I just got back to a weekend trip to Connemara with Rosemary and Medb to stay with Rosemary’s family, which was lovely and relaxing and everything I could ask for sandwiched between two very busy weeks (the ROPES editorial staff had a six-hour meeting on Thursday, to name just one of the many things going on last week, and my MA thesis proposal is due at the end of next week, so I’m not the least-stressed-out person around). We spent most of Saturday walking across beach after beach to Omey Island where Rosemary, who studied archaeology, told us all about Teampaill Feichin, the shell middens, and the other items of historical interest. Despite the wind and rain, it was a beautiful trek. Here are some photos—though my iPhone hardly does the landscape justice: